Double Take Staff & Services Additions!

Double Take Staff & Services Additions!

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Staff Additions

Some of you have had a chance to meet myself and the other members of the team, but for those who have not yet please may I make my introduction.

My name is Jason and I am one of the new day-to-day staff you may see or hear from regarding appointments or any administrative issues. You’ll see me buzzing around the office ensuring everything is kept tidy and organized. I will also be your main booking contact going forward so I hope to hear from you soon!

Selena is our new day-to-day operator / manager and nail artist. Selena comes from a very high-traffic, high-class beauty salon in West Vancouver. This isn’t her first business either, as she has managed both a spa and restaurant back in Vietnam. Selena wishes all her clients to have a great experience so if there is anything she can do to make it better, please ask!

Glen is a visiting esthetician whose been licensed in her home country of Venezuela. While only joining us for a few weeks, Glen has really made an impression with our customers with her strength in her massages. She is our new microdermabrasion technician as well!

Service Additions

New manicure and pedicure chairs/workstations (full mani/pedi polish&gel offerings)

New microdermabrasion machine (addon to any facial service)

New wax heater (full waxing capabilities)

Store Renovations & Operating Hours

Right now, we are constantly working to implement our new products and services and incidental items that go well with our service offerings; therefore we are suspending sales of all items until a further review can be done.

Our hours have changed to the following and are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY at this time; we are striving for daily 10AM-8PM operations but are not quite yet there.


Please bare with us as we are constantly working on our promotion materials, website, and the shop. You will see many changes over the next few months.

Should you need to contact us, our phone number is always 778-827-1113 or reach me by e-mail at

Thanks and we hope to hear from you soon!


DTS Staff

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